How do I include or exclude archived work in the Report Wizard?

A new feature to enable you to include or exclude archived work in the Report Wizard was added as part of the Spring 2014 release. This article describes how you can incorporate this new feature into your report building process.

1. Access Report Wizard

Access Report Wizard
  1. On the Icon Bar, click the Add button and then click the Report link.
  2. Click Report Wizard.

2. Select Report Type

  1. Select a category for your report.
  2. Select a type for your report.
  3. Click Continue.

3. Locate Archived Field

  • Locate the new Archived field on the Definition tab of the Report Wizard.

Note: The Archived field will only be present on report types where you can select a Portfolio or Descended from option.

4. Click Archived

Click Archived
  • Click Archived and select an option from the list.

Include archived: This option will include work items that have been archived along with those projects that have not been archived.

Archived only: This option will include only those work items that are archived. Work items with an active status will not be displayed.

Exclude archived: This option will exclude any work items that have been archived. By default Exclude archived will be selected for this field.

5. View Archived Selection

  • View your selection for the Archived field and continue building your report.


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