How do I use an alternative calendar to schedule reports?

If your company has loaded an alternative calendar that you wish to use in place of the default Gregorian calendar, you can select this as an option when scheduling reports. This article details the steps for locating and selecting an alternative calendar for the report schedule.

1. Select Report

  • Navigate to the report for which you want to update the alternative calendar.

Note: The report can be in the My Reports or Public Reports tab. You can also edit the alternative calendar during the Report Wizard report creation process on the Details and Schedule tab.

2. Select Edit Details & Schedule

Select Edit Details & Schedule
  • Select Edit Details & Schedules from the list of options.

3. Select Calendar

Select Calendar
  • Click Calendar and select an option from the list.

4. Select Frequency

Select Frequency
  1. Click Frequency and select an option from the list.
  2. Click Save.

Note: If you select monthly as your Frequency option it will correspond to the respective dates in the alternative calendar. The daily and weekly selections will correspond to the gregorian calendar.

5. Enter Additional Information

Enter Additional Information
  • Enter additional information for the report schedule.

6. Click Save

Click Save
  • Confirm your schedule report selections.
  • Click Save.

7. View Message

  • View the confirmation message that your selections have been saved for this report.


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