What are the deprecated features?

This article details features that were eliminated and / or replaced in PowerSteering with the release of version 11.

1. Window Sizing Options

Window Sizing Options

The full size, minimize / maximize and maximize / restore links were eliminated in version 11. The Dashboard, Project Central and Resource Review pages will now automatically default to full size when opened. The Dashboard will also show as full size when it is the only item displayed on the Home page. The screen shot above reflects how the full size and minimize / maximize and maximize / restore links appeared prior to version 11.

Manage Layouts Link

The Manage Layouts link was eliminated from the Dashboard, Executive Review and Financial Review pages. You can access Layouts from the Admin menu. The screen shot above displays the deprecated Manage Layouts link and new Layouts option from the Admin Navigation Menu.

3. Last Visited

Last Visited

The Last Visited link was eliminated from the PowerSteering menu and replaced with more powerful Favorites and History features.

4. Quick Links Box and Welcome Back Message

The Quick Links box and Welcome Back message that used to appear at the top of the Home Page were eliminated in version 11. The Quick Links for items such as Submit a Request and Run a Report were moved to the bottom of the Navigation Menu. They are permanently pinned and will always appear when the Navigation Menu is displayed. The Welcome Back message was not replaced.

5. Classic Reports

Classic Reports

The Classic reports feature has been eliminated from PowerSteering. Users that need to create reports can use the Report Wizard or Advanced reporting tools.

6. Arbitrary CSS Deprecated Function

The Arbitrary CSS section was deprecated from the Branding page in version 11. Any CSS branding customization that was in place prior version 11 will be gone.

7. Customer Walkthrough Files

PowerSteering will no longer host customer video tutorial files known as walkthroughs. Users wishing to retrieve their walkthrough files will need to remove them before October 2014. Click here to view instructions to retrieve your walkthrough files from PowerSteering.


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