How did the Project Summary change?

The menu and visual appearance of the Project Summary page has been updated. The toolbar that used to appear at the top of the Project Summary page has been removed. The buttons from that toolbar now appear as links in the Navigation Menu. This article describes how the Project Summary page changed between version 10 and version 11.

1. Click Project

Click Project
  • On the Icon Bar, click the Project button to access the Project Summary page of the last project you visited.

2. The Navigation Menu

Once you are on the Project Summary page you can access the Navigation Menu that lists the links to functions that used to appear as buttons on a toolbar. Clicking on the plus sign expands the menu options to show additional choices.

3. The Edit Work Menu

The Edit Work Menu

The Edit Work button that used to appear in the Project Summary Toolbar has been removed. The list of options from that menu now appear as links under the heading More in the Project Navigation Menu.

4. The Project Summary Page

The Project Summary page appears similar to the previous version however the toolbar has been removed and those buttons now appears as links on the Navigation Menu. You can access the Navigation Menu by clicking on the Project button in the Icon Bar.


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