How do I add a discussion an issue in v17.3?

When an issue is created, a discussion thread with the same title and message is also started. This is called the parent discussion and additional discussion items can be added at any time. This article describes how to add a discussion to an issue.

1. Click Issues

  • On the Icon Bar, click the Project button, then click Issues.

Note: Clicking the Project button on the Icon Bar will take you directly to the Summary page of the last work you visited.

2. Click Collapse/Expand

  • Click Collapse/Expand next to the issue you want add a discussion to.

3. Click Add Discussion

  • Click Add Discussion.

Note: A discussion can also be added to an issue by selecting Add Discussion from the Actions drop-down menu.

4. Enter Details

  1. In the Title field, type a title for your discussion.
  2. In the message field, type the body of your discussion.
  3. Click the Add Document or Add URL tabs to attach relevant documents to the discussion (optional).
  4. Click Save or click Escalate to Issue to escalate the new discussion to an issue.

5. Click Discussions

  • Click Discussions.

6. View Discussion

  • View newly created discussion thread.


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