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What are the Scheduling Options for Scheduling Conflicts?

If you change the duration or scheduled dates within an automatically scheduled project in Project Central, and that change conflicts with the selected constraint type, a Scheduling Options dialog box will be displayed on the screen. Here you will be prompted with several options. This article describes the options available on the Scheduling Options dialog box.

Note: It is recommended that you select the "Keep item automatically scheduled" option when prompted to select an option from the Scheduling options dialog box.

1. Scheduling Options Dialog Box

In the example above. the project is automatically scheduled and has ASAP constraints. The Scheduled Start date of task 5 was updated to 06/23/2017, which caused the Scheduling options dialog box to appear. In this case, you have the following options:

  • Keep the item automatically scheduled - change constraint type: Because the scheduled start date of task 5 was updated to a future date, this option would keep the task automatically scheduled and set the constraint to Start No Earlier Than (SNET) 06/23/2017 (the scheduled start date that was entered). This is the recommended option for this situation. See What are the available constraint types? for more information about constraint types that may appear in the drop-down menu.
  • Change item status: This option will update the status of the task to the selected status and dates will be set according to those entered.
  • Manually schedule item: This option will remove automatically scheduling from the item. The scheduled dates and durations will match those entered, and will not be dependent upon other factors.

2. Click Details

  • Click Details.

3. View Details

  • View details of each option.


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