How do I resume workflow?

Once workflow has been paused, an Administrator has the ability to resume it at anytime. This article describes how to resume workflow.

1. Click Resume

  1.    On the Icon Bar, click the Project button.
  2.    Click Workflow to expand the menu, then click Resume.

Note: The Resume option will only be available if the user has the "Pause/Resume or Cancel workflow" Project Task permission.

2. Confirm Resume

  • Click Yes.

Set Project Status to: From this drop-down menu, select the status for the project. Note: This option will appear only if your Administrator has selected for users to be prompted when the workflow status changes. See the article How do I configure what happens to the project status when the workflow status changes? for more information.

3. Click Action Items

  • On the Icon Bar, click the Project button, then click Action Items.

4. View Action Items

  • When workflow is resumed, the status of all completed action items remains and the status of any action items that were set to Deferred when the workflow was paused becomes On Track.

5. View On Track Action Item

  • When the status of an action item changes from Deferred to On Track, action item buttons become available again.


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