How do I access the Data Extract?

Data Extract is a powerful tool that allows users to create data extract jobs according to specific project data requirements and then set up scheduled intervals for each job to run. The data extract job will start at the scheduled time, extract the data, and transmit the data extract file(s) to a remote Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) location. This article describes how to access the Data Extract in PowerSteering.

1. Click Data Extract

Click Data Extract
  1. On the Icon Bar click the Add button
  2. Click Report to expand the menu, then click Data Extract.

2. View Data Extract

  • The Data Extract is displayed on the page.

Note: You can set the Data Extract as a Favorite or Quick Link for faster access. You can read the articles How do I create a Favorites list? or How do I pin / unpin a Favorite to my Quick Links menu? to learn more about this.


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