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How do I view multiple exchange rates in a Dashboard?

If you have created additional exchange rate tables in PowerSteering you are able to view the rates for that new exchange rate table in a dashboard. The example below illustrates how to compare two different currencies - US dollars versus the British pound. But you could just as easily create a new exchange rate table to represent a potential price increase using US dollars and do a side by side comparison in the dashboard. Note that a PowerSteering team member must enable exchange rates for your site AND the ability to have multiple exchange rates before you can use this feature. This article describes how to add an additional exchange rate table and currency to a dashboard so you can view the information in a side by side format.

1. Click Dashboard

Click Dashboard
  • On the Icon bar click the Review button, then click Dashboard.

2. Select Portfolio and Layout (optional)

Note: Complete this step only if you to want to view something other than the default portfolio and layout.

  1. Click Portfolio, select a portfolio from the list.
  2. Click Layout, select a layout from the list.
  3. Click Go.

3. Click Options

Click Options
  1. Click Options.
  2. Select the Currency (Alternate Scenarios) check box.
  3. Click to select the additional exchange rate table you want to display.
  4. Click to select the currency you want to display. You will only see currencies that are associated with the rates that you added to your exchange rate table.

Note: In this example we are selecting "My New Rate Table" to display British pounds side by side with the US dollars associated with the exchange rate table that is set as the default in PowerSteering. That default table is called "Default Exchange Rates". So we are displaying two different rates from two different exchange rate tables. If desired, you could display two different currency rates from the Default Exchange Rates table by selecting "Default Exchange Rates" and then selecting an associated currency from that same exchange rate table.

4. View Dashboard

  • View the additional columns that have been added to display the exchange rates from the table "My New Rate Table" side by side next to the exchange rate that is set as the default in PowerSteering.


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