How do I create a favorite from my history?

When you review your most recently visited locations in PowerSteering you may notice pages that you are going to frequently. You can save time by creating shortcuts to those pages directly from the History Management page. This article describes how to create a favorite from your history.

1. Click History Management

Click History Management
  • On the Icon Bar click the History button, then click History Management.

2. Click Favorite

  • Click the Add to Favorite button for the History item you want to add to Favorites.

3. Add to Favorites

Add to Favorites
  1. In the Name box, type the title you want to use for your favorite. The page name will appear in the Name field by default.
  2. Enter or select additional information if needed.
  3. Click Add.

Pin this Page: Select this option if you want your favorite to appear at the bottom of the Navigation Menu.

Go to Favorite Manager: Select this option to open the Favorites Manager page as soon as this dialog box closes.

4. Click Favorites

Click Favorites
  • Click the Favorites button in the Icon Bar.

5. Click Favorites Manager

Click Favorites Manager
  • Click Favorites Manager.

6. View the Favorites Manager

  • The newly added item from History has been added as a Favorite.


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