How do I use Advanced Search?

The Advanced Search feature in PowerSteering lets you look for items within the product. You can narrow your search by selecting a category within the Advanced Search page. This article describes how to use Advanced Search.

1. Click Search

Click Search
  • On the Header click the Search button.

2. Click Advanced

Click Advanced
  • Click Advanced.

3. Select a Tab

Select a Tab
  • Click to select the tab you wish to search by.

4. Enter Search Criteria

Enter Search Criteria
  1. In the Keywords box, type your search term.
  2. Select additional criteria to narrow search if needed.
  3. Click Search.

Omit this tag: This option indicates that the values for this tag will be ignored during the search procedure.

Any value for this tag: This option indicates that the search results must have at least one value for this tag populated. This would be the opposite of using a null condition for your search.

Select values...: This option provides the ability to select specific values for a tag that must be populated in the search results.

Note: The Advanced Search feature will return more results than the simple search detailed in this article How do I search for something?.

5. View Search Results

View Search Results
  • View the results of your search. Use the Export options to transfer the data out of PowerSteering into one of the formats listed.

Note: The maximum number of results returned in the Advanced Search can be customized for your PowerSteering site. Please contact the PowerSteering Support Team for more information.


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