How do I search by category?

To narrow your search results you can select a specific category, such as a project or issue, to restrict the search. This article describes how to search by category.

1. Click Search

  • On the Header, click the Search button.

2. Select Category

Select Category
  • On the Header, click the arrow next to the Search box, and click the desired category.

Note: The Search box displays the word "Search" until a category is selected.

3. View Category

View Category
  • The Search box has been updated to display the category you selected.

4. Enter Search Criteria

Enter Search Criteria
  • In the Search box, enter the search terms you want to use.

Note: As you type in the field, the indexed results begin to appear in a list format.

5. Complete your Search

Complete your Search
  • Select an item from the list of search results to navigate to that page.


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