How do I create a workflow project?

Workflow projects are created just like all other projects in PowerSteering; however, the Object Type must have the "Is workflow" check box selected on the Object Types page and be associated with a workflow on the Workflow Manager Configuration page. This article describes how to create a workflow project.

See the article How do I create a project? for more information about creating projects in PowerSteering.

Note: Each object type can be tied to only one workflow.

1. Click Project

Click Project
  • On the Icon Bar click the Add button, then click Project.

2. Click Continue

  1. Choose Work Type from the drop-down box. For a workflow project, the Work Type must have "Is workflow" selected on the Object Types page.
  2. Click Continue.

3. Enter Project Information

  1. Enter project information.
  2. Enter or select additional information as needed.
  3. Click Continue to enter optional project information or click Finish & Create! to create the project. Workflow is automatically initiated when the project is created.

Name: A name for the project.

Location in Work Tree: A location for the project within the Work Tree. If you have the Default location in Work Tree defined in your user preferences, this field will be automatically populated with that location, but is editable.

Create as Complete: If Yes, the project will be created with a completed status. This option will only be available if you have the Create Projects as Complete permission.

4. View Project

  • View the Summary page of the newly created project. Workflow status and Last workflow action fields are available on the Summary page of workflow projects.

Note: When you create a new workflow project, the initial Workflow status will be "Not synchronized". Within a minute, the Workflow status will update to "In Progress". The Workflow status is not tied to the work status. They are two completely separate statuses.


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