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What does the Charts menu do in the Dashboard?

The options available in the Charts menu define how you want to view charts on the Dashboard. This article describes the different options available on the Dashboard Charts menu.

Note: This menu will only be available if there are charts in your Dashboard layout.

1. Click Dashboard

Click Dashboard
  • On the Icon Bar click the Review button, then click Dashboard.

2. Click Charts - Hide

  • Click Charts, select Hide.

Hide: In some cases you may not want to view the charts that are associated with a Dashboard layout. To view portfolio information without charts, select this option.

3. View Dashboard

  • View the Dashboard without charts.

4. Click Charts - Refresh

  • Click Charts, select Hide.

Refresh: Users may change data within PowerSteering while you are viewing a Dashboard. To view the most current chart information, select this option. You can also update individual charts by clicking the Refresh icon at the bottom of the chart.

5. View Dashboard

  • View updated Dashboard charts.

6. Click Charts - Small, Medium, or Large

  • Click Charts, select Small, Medium, or Large.

Small: To view Dashboard charts as small images, select this option.

Medium: To view Dashboard charts as medium images, select this option.

Large: To view Dashboard charts as large images, select this option.

7. View Dashboard

  • View the Dashboard with the selected chart size.


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