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How do I update my default location in the Work Tree?

The Default location in the Work Tree setting on the Preferences page defines the default location for new work created by that user. This setting is also tied to a Default location setting that can be selected during portfolio creation to define what items should be included in the portfolio. This article describes how to update your default location in the Work Tree.

1. Click Edit Preferences

Click Edit Preferences
  • Click your name or the triangle to display the Profile Menu, then click Edit Preferences.

2. Click Default Location in Work Tree

  1. Click the Default location in Work Tree drop-down menu.

3. Select Default Location

Select Default Location
  • In the Default location in Work Tree dialog box, find the new location by using the Work Tree or searching on the Search tab and click on it to to set it as the default Work Tree location.

4. Click Save

  1. View the updated default Work Tree location.
  2. Click Save.

5. View Location in Work Tree on Create New Project Page

  • When new work is created by a user, the Location in Work Tree field is automatically populated with the location that was selected for the Default location in Work Tree on the Preferences page.

6. View Default Location Setting on Define Portfolio Page

  • The Default location option means that any user who selects this portfolio will see items matching the portfolio criteria that are descended from their Work Tree location set in their Preferences page. If there are additional Work Tree selections in the Descended from field, items from those locations will appear in addition to whatever was descended from their own Work Tree location.


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