What is Program Management?

Program Management is a feature that allows you to oversee the health, progress, and financials of a collection of work in PowerSteering. The key benefit of using this feature is that you can easily add and remove work to programs that may not necessarily be connected through the work tree, formulas or tags. This article describes Program Management.

1. Program Management

Program Management is useful when you have multiple people who have the need to manage different pieces of work that span across several areas of the Work Tree. Perhaps, you are a director that has people working on projects in multiple countries. The list of projects you need to monitor is organized by region so they don't fit neatly into the Work Tree for your company, which is organized by function. To solve this problem, you can create a program and add all of the projects you are responsible for to your program.

In PowerSteering, programs are organized in the Program Console. See the article What is the Program Console? for more information about the functionality of programs.


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