How do I group items in the Program Console?

When you are viewing a Program Console it is sometimes easier to group information by a particular tag or category such as status. When the data is grouped you have the option of expanding or collapsing each group of data to see the details or the summary level information. There is also menu items available under Options that let you expand or collapse all groups at once. You can also clear the grouping through the Options menu. See the article What are my Program Console options? for more information on these features. This article describes how to create a group on the Program Console.

1. Click Program Console

Click Program Console
  • On the Icon Bar click the Project button, then select Program Console.

Note: Clicking the Project button on the Icon Bar will take you directly to the Summary page of the last work you visited.

2. Click Replace Programs by Their Projects

Click Replace Programs by Their Projects
  • Click Programs, select Replace programs by their projects.

Note: Grouping is an option in the Program Console only when you have replaced programs by their projects and are looking at a flat view.

3. Select Column for Group

  • Locate the column that you want to use to group your Program Console.

4. Click Arrow

Click Arrow
  1. Hover over the name of the column that you want to group by until the context sensitive drop down arrow appears.
  2. Click the context sensitive drop down arrow, select Group by.

5. View Grouped Results

  • View the grouped data on the Program Console.

6. Collapse / Expand Groups

  • Click the plus and minus symbols to expand and collapse the individual groups that are displayed.


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