How do I export data from the Resource Review?

The data in the Resource Review allocation and unstaffed demand sections can be exported to Excel format. This article describes how to export data from the Resource Review.

1. Click Resource Review

Click Resource Review
  • On the Icon Bar click the Review button, then click Resource Review.

2. Click Export

Click Export
  • Click Export, select Allocation to export information from the top section of the Resource Review, or select Unstaffed Demand to export information from the bottom section of the Resource Review.

3. Click OK

Click OK
  1.    Select the Open with option.
  2.    Click OK.

Note: Both the allocation and unstaffed demand export options will display a dialog box similar to the one shown in this screen shot. If you want to save the file without viewing it first select the Save File option and select a location where you want to save the exported file.

4. View Excel File

  • View the exported file in Excel format. From this point you can save the exported file to a local or networked location for your company.


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