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How do I use Work Generation to replicate work in multiple locations?

If you have a source work that you want to duplicate in multiple locations in the Work Tree, rather than create new projects in all of the locations, you can use Work Generation. An good example of when you would use Work Generation like this is when you have a project that has been approved as a Best Practice and you want to create several new projects based on that project in different locations of the Work Tree. This article describes how to use Work Generation to replicate work in multiple locations.

Note: If you do not see Work Generation on the Project Navigation Menu, it could be because:

  • An Administrator has not created a Work Generation template that pertains to the work type. See the article How do I add a new work generation template? for more information about creating work generation templates.
  • In the work generation template, Administrators can define whom can generate work using the template. You may not have permission to generate work.
  • In the work generation template, Administrators can define within the project time line when work can be generated. You may not be able to perform work generation at the current point in the project time line.

1. Click Work Generation Template

  1.    On the Icon Bar, click the Project button.
  2.    Click Work Generation to expand the menu, then click the name of a work generation template.

Note: Clicking the Project button on the Icon Bar will take you directly to the Summary page of the last work you visited.

2. Click Start

Click Start
  1. Enter work generation settings for the new work.
  2. Click Start.

Note: These options are defined by settings selected during Work Generation template creation, so your options may differ from those seen here.

2.1. Select Locations Manually

  1. Select Choose Manually.
  2. Click the drop-down box.
  3. In the Choose One or More Locations dialog box, select location(s) for the target work to reside by using the Work Tree or by searching on the Search tab and click on the location to add it to the New Added section (you can add multiple locations at one time).
  4. Click Save.

2.2. Use Portfolio

Use Portfolio
  • Select a portfolio of locations (i.e., Business Units) from the drop down menu.

3. View Results

View Results
  • View results of the Work Generation. New projects, based off of the source work, have been created in all of the selected locations.


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