How do I update effort for an item?

The Resource Review lists each user within PowerSteering and their current assignments and open availability. Using the Resource Review, if they have permission to do so, it is simple for Resource Managers to update the effort required for items that have already been assigned to users. This article describes how to update the effort for an item.

1. Locate Resource

  • Locate the user that you want to update effort for. You may need to use the scroll bar to see more listings.

The top section of the Resource Review lists users that have been displayed according to how you filtered the page. You can use the Filters menu option to only show a specific user, role, resource pool or portfolio of projects. There are several other fields that can help you limit what is displayed. See the article How do I filter the Allocation section? for more information on this topic.

2. Click Plus Sign

  • Click the plus sign to view the detailed level information for a specific user whose record has been expanded.

3. Click Save

  1. Adjust the hours in the effort cell.
  2. Click Save.

Note: Any effort cell that has a green underline can be edited.

4. View Updated Effort

  • View the updated effort.

Note: When effort is updated in the Resource Review, costs are recalculated. There may be time lag between the start of the labor cost recalculation and the synchronization of changes across PowerSteering.


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