How does search logic work in PowerSteering?

To search most effectively in PowerSteering, it is important to understand how the search engine prioritizes search results. This article describes the logic behind the quick searches and advanced searches in PowerSteering.

1. Quick Search Results

Quick Search Results

The quick search returns the best 5 results in each category. These results are determined using a behind-the-scenes algorithm. There are a few algorithm caveats that are important to understand when determining how the quick search has returned certain results:

  • Extra ranking is given to the Name field because it is most commonly searched for.
  • If a search word appears once in a large field and once in a short field, the shorter field will be ranked higher, as longer fields have less influence.
  • When rankings are the same for multiple items, priority is given to items with the most recent modified date.

Note: Quick search does not search in all indexed fields. Only the Name, Project ID, Sequence Number, Username, Email, Discussion Message, Discussion ID, Document Description, and Document File Name fields are searched in when using the quick search. Use the Advanced Search to search in all fields.

2. Advanced Search - Partial Words

  • In Advanced Search, using a partial word as the search keyword may yield fewer search results than when the entire word is used. Partial words are only matched for fields such as Name, Project ID, Username and Document File Name. Partial words are not matched for fields such as the Message field for discussions and issues, Custom Fields, and Description.


Sophia Park

Is the algorithm same for advanced search? Which result comes up first when I'm using advanced search?

Alyssa Perry

Hi Sophia - Yes, the advanced search uses the same algorithm as the quick search; however, the advanced search may yield more results. The quick search just looks in the fields listed in the note on Step 1 above and finds the best 5 matches, whereas, the advanced search looks in all indexed fields.

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