How do I filter report assets?

The Assets page lists all assets that have already been uploaded. Because the available assets can be numerous, there are several filters to assist you in viewing and managing them. This article describes how to filter report assets.

1. Click My Reports

Click My Reports
  1. On the Icon Bar, click the Review button.
  2. Click Reports to expand the menu, then click My Reports.

2. Click Assets

  • Click the Assets tab.

3. Specify Filter Criteria

  1.    Use the drop-down boxes to specify filter criteria.
  2.    Click Search.

Name: Use this filter to display assets whose name contains All of, Any of, or Exactly the string you enter into the Name field.

Source: Use this filter to display only those assets that were uploaded specifically for your context or only those that are built-in to the system.

Modified By: Use this filter to display assets that were modified by a specific user. Note: This option only applies only to uploaded assets.

4. View Report Assets

  • View filtered report asset results.


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