How do I assign resources in bulk?

The bulk assign feature of PowerSteering allows you to assign a single resource to multiple items at once in Resource Review which can be an incredible time saver. This article describes how to assign resources in bulk in Resource Review.

Note: In Resource Review, you can do bulk re-assignments in the allocation section OR bulk new assignments in the unstaffed demand section, but the “all” check box cannot be used when both sections are displaying data.

1. Select Items

  • Select the check box(es) associated with the items you want to assign a resource to. Select the check box at the top to select all check boxes with a single click.

2. Click Apply

Click Apply
  1. Click Actions, select Assign person.
  2. Click Apply.

3. Select User

Select User
  1. Locate the user you want to assign to the work using the Search, Best Matches and By Qualifications options.
  2. Click the green plus sign next to the user.

4. View Unstaffed Demand

View Unstaffed Demand
  • The resource selected has been applied to all selected unstaffed demand, so those projects no longer appear in the unstaffed demand list.


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