How do I search inside documents?

Using the advanced search, you have the ability to search for keywords not just in document titles, but within the documents themselves. This option allows searches within all file types except Excel files. This article describes how to search inside documents.

Note: This feature may not be enabled in your PowerSteering system. If you do not see the feature described below, please contact PowerSteering.

1. Click Search

  • On the Header click the Search button.

2. Click Advanced

Click Advanced
  • Click Advanced.

3. Click Documents

  • Click the Documents tab.

4. Enter Search Criteria

  1. In the Keywords box, type your search term.
  2. Select additional criteria to narrow search if needed.
  3. Select the Include document contents in search check box.
  4. Click Search.

Note: The Advanced Search feature will return more results than the simple search detailed in this article How do I search for something?.

5. View Search Results

  • View the results of your search. The search term is not part of the document titles, but is located somewhere within the documents, so the documents are included in the search results.

Note: The Reindex Document Content agent must run after a document is added to a project in order for it to appear in the search results. See the article What agents are available in PowerSteering? for more information about this agent.


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