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How do I mass attach measures templates to work within a portfolio?

To streamline the process of attaching one or more measures to many work items, you can use the Mass Attach feature. This article describes how to mass attach measures to work within a portfolio.

1. Click Measures Library

Click Measures Library
  • Click the Review button on the Icon Bar, select Measures Library.

2. Click Mass Attach

  1. Use the scroll bar to scroll to the bottom of the Measures Library page.
  2. Click Mass Attach.

3. Enter Mass Attach Settings

Enter Mass Attach Settings
  1. From the Portfolio drop-down menu, select a portfolio to attach measures to.
  2. From the Measures drop-down box, select one or more measure templates to attach to the portfolio.
  3. Select additional preferences as needed.
  4. Click Preview to see a summary of the mass attach as it is defined.

Attach only if not already attached: This option will prevent a measure from being attached to work that already has it attached.

Evaluate (upon attach): This option will cause measures that are within their effective dates to be evaluated once they have been attached.

Include on project summary pages: This option will cause the new measure to appear on the Summary page for each work item in the portfolio.

Notify owners (upon attach): This option will send a notification to the owners of the work items in the portfolio once the new measure is attached.

4. View Preview

  • View preview of mass attach results.

5. Click Attach

Click Attach
  1. Adjust mass attach settings as needed after viewing preview.
  2. Click Attach.

6. View Results

  • View results of mass attach.


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