How do I return an idea for revision?

If an idea has been submitted for approval, but requires some type of change, it can be returned for revision. Once revisions have been made, review can be requested for the idea once again. This article describes how to return an idea for revision.

Note: Idea is a replaceable term in PowerSteering. Your organization may use a different label to represent ideas on your site.

1. Locate Idea

  • Locate the idea you want to approve and click the name of that idea.

2. Click Return for Revision

  • On the Summary page, click Return for Revision.

3. Return Idea for Revision

Return Idea for Revision
  1. Enter information about why you are returning the idea for revision.
  2. Click Return for Revision.

4. View Idea

  • Verify that the state of the idea is Returned for Revision and the status has changed to Needs Attention.


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