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How do I set the Project Central display options to "remember" my selections?

The expand / collapse feature in Project Central makes it very easy to jump between different levels of your project schedule. The Automatic option on this menu expands the work breakdown of the project schedule to sections that have the earliest task and in process tasks. This makes it very easy to navigate to the currently active or most relevant part of the schedule, especially for larger schedules that have multiple levels. Project Central will also remember the expansion selection and automatically use that when a project is revisited in Project Central. This article describes how to set Project Central to remember your selections.

Click here to view a brief video tutorial about "remembering" Project Central display options.

1. Navigate to Project Central

2. Click Expand / Collapse

Click Expand / Collapse
  1. Click the Expand / Collapse button, select Automatic.

3. View Expanded Project Schedule

  • View the updated project schedule that has been expanded to display the work that has the earliest scheduled date or the work that is currently in-process.

4. Navigate Away from Project Central

  • In order to test the "remember" feature, navigate away from Project Central to another location in PowerSteering. You can even log out if you wish.

5. Navigate to Project Central

  • Locate your project in Project Central. Note that PowerSteering has remembered your Automatic selection from the Expand / Collapse menu and is displaying either the task that is earliest in your schedule or in-process.


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