How do I assign a resource in Project Central?

In Project Central, with one click users can see people already assigned to the work, type names to display matches or select the Search, Best Matches and By Qualification options to find people. This article describes the process for locating and assigning resources in Project Central.

1. Navigate to Project Central

2. Click Assignments

  1. Click the cell in Assignments column where you want to make the assignment to display the resource members that are already assigned to the work and the Search, Best Matches and By Qualifications options.
  2. Select the person you want to assign to this work or use the Search, Best Matches and By Qualifications options to locate a person.

Search: Allows you to search for and select a specific user by first or last name.

Best Matches: Provides a list of resource names based on the duration of the task, the required role and location of the work item.  

By Qualifications: Allows you to perform a manual search using the following criteria - Role, Resource Pool, Need Resource, Cost Type and Skills.

3. Click Save

Click Save
  • Click Save.

4. View Assignment

View Assignment
  • View the assignment you selected. You may need to expand the Assignments column to see the full name of the person that has been assigned.


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