How do I cancel work?

When a project is changed to Canceled status, all descendant tasks associated with the project automatically update to the status Canceled. If the project status is changed from Canceled to another status, the parent will update to the new status and the descendants will revert back to their status immediately prior to the cancellation. This includes canceled projects that have been archived. This article describes how to cancel a project.

Note: Work can be canceled on the Summary page, in the Descendants module, in Project Central, and in the Dashboard. The "Canceled" status is not an option on the Edit Details page.

Click here to view a brief video tutorial about how to cancel work.

1. Locate a Project

  • Navigate to the Summary page of the project you want to cancel.

2. Click Status

Click Status
  • Click the Status link, select Canceled.

3. View Canceled Status

  • View the project in the Canceled status.

Note: When work is canceled, only its status changes; the percent complete and actual dates for the work and all descendants remain unchanged.

Note: Following the release of Version 12, PowerSteering no longer populates the Actual End date field with a date when a work item is cancelled. The Cancel Date field is populated for all cancelled work items and can be viewed in the Dashboard or in a Report Wizard report.

4. View Descendant Status

  • View the descendants in the Canceled status.

5. "Un-cancel" a Project

"Un-cancel" a Project
  • Click the Status link, select another status for your project.

6. View Updated Status

  • View the updated status of the project.

7. View Descendant Status

View Descendant Status
  • View the updated status of the descendants.


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