How do I copy a measure template?

There are times when you have a measure that is very useful but you just wish you could tweak it to change one or two things. Instead of starting over, you can copy the existing measure and use that as a starting point for your new measure. This article describes how to copy a measure.

1. Click Measures Template

Click Measures Template
  • Click the Review button on the Icon Bar, then click Measures Library.

2. Click Copy

  1. Click the triangle next to the measure you want to copy.
  2. In the context sensitive drop-down menu, click Copy.

3. Edit Measure

  1. Edit Administrative Details, Measure Details, Collection Method, and Indicator Type as needed.
  2. Click Submit.

See the article How do I add a new measure template? for detailed information on the sections of this page.

4. View Measure

  • View newly created measure in the Measure Library.


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