How do I edit a measure template?

A measure template can easily be edited after it has been created. Changes that are made and locked on the template will propagate to all existing measures that were created from that template. Changes that are made but are not locked on the template will only affect new measures that are subsequently attached using that template. This article describes how to edit a measure template.

Note: Changes made to the measure template will propagate to all work where that measure is attached; however, the measure will not automatically recalculate. See the article How do I mass evaluate measures? for information on mass calculating measures.

1. Click Measures Library

Click Measures Library
  • On the Icon Bar click the Review button, then click Measures Library.

2. Click Edit

  1. Click the triangle next to the measure you want to edit.
  2. In the context sensitive drop-down menu, click Edit.

3. Edit Measure

  1. Edit Administrative Details, Measure Details, Collection Method, and Indicator Type as needed.
  2. Click Submit to return to the Measure Library.

See the article How do I add a new measure template? for detailed information on the sections of this page.


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