How do I save items to a new portfolio?

If you have excluded items from summaries or from a portfolio while using portfolio planning, you have the ability to save the remaining items as a new portfolio. This article describes how to save items to a new portfolio.

1. Click Dashboard

Click Dashboard
  • On the Icon Bar click the Review button, then click Dashboard.

2. Exclude Items

  • Exclude items from from summaries or from the portfolio.

3. Save As New Portfolio

Save As New Portfolio
  1.    Click Portfolio.
  2.    In the context sensitive drop-down menu, click Save items as new portfolio.

4. Enter Portfolio Information

Enter Portfolio Information
  1.        In the Name of new portfolio field, enter a name for the new portfolio.
  2.       In the Description field, enter a description for the new portfolio (optional).
  3.       Click OK.

Switch to new portfolio: Select this check box to change the Dashboard display to the newly copied portfolio.

5. View Portfolio

  • View newly created portfolio. The items that were excluded in the original portfolio are not part of the new portfolio.


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