How do I attach a metric to a project?

Metrics are forms configured by your Administrator that are used for entering financial and other quantitative data associated with a work object. A metric can be automatically attached when a work object is created, it can be added as part of a template or you can manually add a metric if you have the appropriate permissions. This article describes how to manually attach a metric to a project.

Note: Metric is a replaceable term in PowerSteering. Your organization may use a different label to represent metrics on your site.

Note: Metrics can be mass attached to existing projects. Contact the PowerSteering Support Team for more information.

1. Click Manage Metrics

Click Manage Metrics
  1. Click the Project button on the Icon Bar.
  2. Click Metrics to expand the menu, then click Manage Metrics.

Note: Clicking the Project button on the Icon Bar will take you directly to the Summary page of the last work you visited.

2. Click Attach New

Click Attach New
  • Click Attach New.

3. Attach Metric

Attach Metric
  1. Select a metric from the drop-down box.
  2. Click Attach.

4. View Metrics

View Metrics
  • View updated list of metrics attached to the project.


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