How do I filter data on a time page?

A timesheet approver can filter a time page to display only time associated with specific projects or users. This article describes how to filter data on a time page.

1. Click Manage Time

Click Manage Time
  1. Click the Review button on the Icon bar
  2. Click User Management to expand the menu, then click Manage Time.

2. Click Filters

  • On any time tab, click Filters to view the time filter options.

3. Specify Filter Criteria

  1. Use the drop-down boxes to specify filter criteria.
  2. Click Apply Filters.

Projects to include: Determines which projects to include time for.

Users to include: Determines which users to include time for.

Display users with no saved timesheet in the period too: If selected, all users that are assigned to included projects, but do not have any time entered and saved, are shown. Note: This option is only available on the Not Submitted tab and cannot be selected when All Projects is selected in the Projects to include drop-down menu.

4. View Time

  • View filtered time results.


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