How do I edit a user profile?

The User Profile contains basic user information common for all PowerSteering users and specialized information unique to your company. This article describes how to edit a user's profile.

Click here to view a brief video tutorial about editing user profiles.

Click Search
  • Click the Search button in the Header.

2. Enter User Name

Enter User Name
  • Begin typing the user's name in the Search field, select a user from the list of results.

Note: See the article How do I use the Advanced Search? if you do not see your results in the quick search list.

3. Click Edit User

Click Edit User
  • Click the Edit User tab.

4. Edit Preferences

Edit Preferences
  1. Edit your user profile as necessary. Page sections are defined in the following steps.
  2. Click Save to view the updated user profile.

4.1. Basic Information

Basic Information

No-Access User: Select this check box to designate a no-access user. See the article What is a no-access user? for more information.

Username: Your PowerSteering username, defined by your PowerSteering Administrator.

Password: Your PowerSteering password. Password requirements are defined by your PowerSteering Administrator. Note: If your company maintains an LDAP directory, you do not have a PowerSteering password.

Account Expiration Date: If PowerSteering access is only temporary, click the calendar to select an account expiration date.

Proxy Users: Click this drop-down box to search for and select proxy users to act on your behalf in PowerSteering. See the article What is a proxy user? for more information.

Profile Image: Here you can upload an image that is attached to your PowerSteering profile. See the article How do I add a picture to my user profile? for more information.

4.2. Personal Information

Personal Information
  • Enter your personal contact information here. First name, Last name, and Primary email are the only required fields in this section. All other fields are optional.

4.3. Business Information (Optional)

Business Information (Optional)
  • Enter your business information here. All fields are optional.

4.4. Project Availability

Project Availability
  1. If multiple resource calendars have been configured, select the calendar that matches your own region or availability from the Calendar drop-down box.
  2. In the Overall % available field, modify the value if necessary to reflect the percentage of your time when you are available for project tasks. For example, if you work 40 hours per week but only half that time you are available for project tasks, then your Overall % available should be set to 50%.
  3. In the Monday - Sunday fields, enter the number of work hours for each day of the week if different than the default calendar values displayed in parenthesis.
  4. Add any vacations or other days off that apply specifically to you. The days off from the system resource calendar display by default.

Note: You will only see this section if Resource Management has been enabled for your site.

4.5. Roles


If custom roles have been configured, you can be assigned to one or more roles. The role assumes a custom set of project permissions and also assists managers when allocating resources in resource planning.

  1. Click the Add role link.
  2. From the Role drop-down box, select a role to add to your profile.
  3. If you have more than one role, define the Maximum Capacity % for each one. This will indicate how much of your total available time can be consumed with tasks in that role.
  4. From the Pool drop-down box, select a resource pool (optional).
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 to add additional roles to this user's profile.

Note: You will only see this section if Resource Management has been enabled for your site.

Note: The maximum number of roles allowed for a user is 10.

4.6. Specialized Information

Specialized Information
  • The remainder of the Edit Profile page may include sections that contain tags and custom fields that define specialized information that your company wants to maintain for each employee.


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