What is a resource pool?

With PowerSteering managers have the ability to create logical groups of users and then draw upon those groups when allocating work. Once users have been assigned to a resource pool, managers can use those pools in conjunction with Resource Planning in order to find the best fit for project task requirements. This article describes resource pools.

1. Resource Pools

Name: This is the name of the resource pool that you've created.

Description: This should contain a few phrases about the use and purpose of the resource pool. This information is optional, but can be very helpful to others that are using PowerSteering.

Manager: This is the user that was assigned as the resource manager of the resource pool.

Size: This represents the current number of members in the resource pool.

Your resource pool may also include Resource Planning tags and other custom tags based on your PowerSteering configuration.

2. The Resource Pool Profile

The Resource Pool Profile page contains information that can be very helpful for managing your resource pool. Using this page you can:

  1. View the summary information about the resource pool such as name, description, and custom tags.
  2. Edit the details of the resource pool or add and remove members or managers.
  3. View the individual members of the resource pool and any information that is shared as part of the resource pool profile.
  4. Export the list of users in a resource pool to PDF, Excel, CSV, or Word format.
  5. Delete one, many, or all members of the resource pool.
  6. Reassign one, many, or all members of the resource pool to another resource pool.


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