How do I set or change a user's password?

When you create a new user that will not be using the self-registration process, you will need to set their password for them before they can log into PowerSteering. You may also need to occasionally change the password for a user that has misplaced or forgotten their password for PowerSteering. This article describes how to set or change a PowerSteering password.

1. Click Search

Click Search
  • Click the Search button in the Header.

2. Enter User Name

Enter User Name
  • Begin typing the user's name in the Search field, select a user from the list of results.

Note: See the article How do I use the Advanced Search? if you do not see your results in the quick search list.

3. Click Edit User

Click Edit User
  • Click the Edit User tab.

4. Enter Password Data

Enter Password Data
  1. Click New password, type the new password for this user.
  2. Click Confirm password, retype the new password for this user.
  3. Click Save.

5. View Profile

View Profile
  • The user profile is displayed, the password has been set and / or changed.


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