What is a portfolio?

A portfolio defines a set of work objects that can be displayed in an Executive Review, Financial Review, or the Dashboard. They can also be used to define how a report is generated. This article describes the general properties of a portfolio.

1. The Portfolio

Portfolios represent groups of work objects that you can use as selections on a dashboard or build a report. They are incredibly flexible and provide terrific visibility to just about any piece of information in PowerSteering. From the portfolio listing page you can click the triangle next to any portfolio to view, edit, copy, delete or disable that portfolio. The selections you have on this context sensitive drop-down menu will depend on your permissions.

2. The Portfolio Summary

The portfolio summary page is a snapshot of the criteria for the portfolio and a list of the work types that meet that criteria. See the article How do I create a new portfolio? to learn more about the individual attributes that can be used to set the portfolio criteria.


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