How do I access the Financial Review?

The Financial Review gives you the ability to view metrics for one or more items in a portfolio. This could be a huge time saver if you are responsible for multiple projects or organizations and need to update metrics on a regular basis. Based on your permissions, you may also be able to edit the metric data, lock the metric and / or select the Ready for Rollup check box. The Financial Reviews are generally configured by administrators that have the permission to create Financial Review layouts. This article describes how to access the Financial Review page.

1. Click Financial Review

Click Financial Review
  • On the Icon Bar click the Review button, then click Financial Review.

2. View the Financial Review

  • View the Financial Review page.

Using the portfolio of your choice you can display the items you need to work with and then enter all the metric data in one page instead of visiting the Project Summary page and then the Metric page. As an end user you can select what portfolio and layout you want to use but you can not change how the layout appears on the page. The creation of a Financial Review layout is an administrator function. Depending on your permissions you can enter metric data on the Financial Review page, lock metrics for one or more objects and / or set the Ready for Rollup flag for one or more objects. See the article What is the Financial Review? for more information.

Note: Ready for Rollup is a replaceable term in PowerSteering. This term may appear differently on your PowerSteering site.


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