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How do I access and manage Status Reports Due?

The Status Reports Due tab of the Inbox displays a list of projects for which you owe one or more status reports. From this page you can click Create to navigate to the Status Report page where you can complete and submit a status report. Or you can click Decline to dismiss the reminder and remove the message from your Inbox. This article describes how to access and manage the Status Reports Due tab.

1. Click Status Reports Due

Click Status Reports Due
  • On the Icon Bar click the Inbox button, then click Status Reports Due.

2. Select Action

  • Click the Create link to generate a status report or the Decline link to dismiss the status report reminder.

Note: Once a status report reminder is acknowledged for a specific time period, all reminders in your Inbox for reporting periods before that one will be removed. For this reason, if you owe several status reports for a work item, you should create or decline the reminders in your Inbox from oldest to most recent. If you click the Create link for the most recent time period, all earlier reminders will be removed and you will be unable to submit status reports for those earlier periods. Additionally if you decline a report within a reporting period you will not see the Add New button on the Status Report page until the next reporting period begins. For example if you have a report due for the week of July 6th through July 12th, and you decline that reminder on July 7th, you will not see the Add New button until July 13th.

3. Create Status Report

Create Status Report
  1. Enter information to complete the status report.
  2. Click Submit.

4. View Results

  • View results after submitting the status report.

Note: If this was the last/only status report you were required to submit, the Status Reports Due page displays the message "You have no status reports due at this time.".


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