How do I access and manage Alerts?

The Alerts tab of the Inbox displays messages about changes to work items in PowerSteering. You can opt to subscribe to alerts for a certain kind of activity such as a work item or budget change for a specific project or a parent organization. If requested, notifications for alerts can be sent to an outside mail service such as Outlook in addition to populating your PowerSteering Inbox. This article describes how to access and manage the Alerts tab.

1. Click Alerts

Click Alerts
  • On the Icon Bar click the Inbox button, then click Alerts.

2. Select Items

  • Select the check box(es) that correspond to the items you want to delete.

Date: This is the date that alert was generated.

Type: This is a brief description of the alert that was generated.

Title: This is a one sentence explanation of the alert that can include hyperlinks for the user that caused the alert and the project where the activity took place.

Author: This is a hyperlink to the record of the user that caused the alert.

Project: This is a hyperlink to the project where the alert took place.

Location: This field contains an icon that will display where the project resides in the Work Tree.

3. Select Delete Action

Select Delete Action
  1. Click Delete selected alerts, select the option for deleting the alerts.
  2. Click Delete.

4. View Results

  • View results of the delete action.


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