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How do I access and manage questions / notifications?

The Questions / Notifications tab of the Inbox displays items that directly impact you. This could be a requests for a gate approval, a reminder to complete certain tasks such as a status report or the notification of an assignment or delegation. When you receive a notification you must select the Mark as Read check box to dismiss the message as read. This article describes how to access and manage the Questions and Notifications tab.

1. Click Questions/Notifications

Click Questions/Notifications
  • On the Icon Bar click the Inbox button, then click Questions/Notifications.

2. Click Mark as Read

  1. Review the notifications and use the hyperlink provided if more details are required. .
  2. Click Mark as read to dismiss the message and display it as part of your recent history. The information will remain on the Questions / Notifications tab for 5 days after being acknowledged.

Note: If you have multiple items waiting to be acknowledged you can mark them as read with one click by selecting the Accept all requests and mark all notifications as read check box.

Note: Depending on your configuration you may also receive emails reminding you that a notification is awaiting acknowledgment. If a question is not answered the Questions Reminder agent will generate a reminder message at the configured timing interval.

3. Click Approve?

  1. Click Approve?, select an option.
  2. Click Comments (optional).
  3. Click Submit.

Note: The user that requested action will receive notification in their Inbox that their request has been acknowledged.  

4. View Recent History

  • View the Questions / Notifications page to see how it appears after all the items have been acknowledged.


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