How do I access the Executive Review?

The Executive Review, often referred to as the "bubble charts" are multidimensional charts that can really wow an audience. They are generally configured by administrators that have the permission to create Executive Review layouts. The Executive Review can be viewed as part of your Home Page configuration or on its own through the Review menu. This article describes how to access the Executive Review.

1. Click Executive Review

Click Executive Review
  • On the Icon Bar click the Review button, then click Executive Review.

2. View the Executive Review

  • View the Executive Review page.

The Executive Review, also referred to as a bubble chart, allows you to create a multidimensional display using an x, y and z axis. You can also add project status or a measure as an additional dimension. Users can define the portfolio that they want to use with an Executive Review but not the layout which determines how the data is displayed. Only someone with the Executive Review Layout Administration permission can create or edit an Executive Review layout. See the article What is the Executive Review? for more information.


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