What do Run and Save do?

There are Run and Save buttons at the bottom of each Report Wizard page. These options allow you to save your report from any page of the Report Wizard or run the report, with the current criteria, to see the real output versus the preview.

1. Click a Report Wizard Tab

  • Save and Run appear at the bottom of almost every tab in the Report Wizard. You can click Save to save your report, in its present form, as a personal or public report. You can click Run to view the report in its current form to see all the data it will return, not just the preview.

Note: When you open a report that has already been saved you will see a third button called Save As. This option allows you to save the report with a new name to preserve the original report that was opened and / or edited.

2. Click Save

  • When you click Save from the Report Wizard pages, you are redirected to the Details & Schedule tab where you can enter the settings for your report. See the article What does the Details & Schedule tab do? for more information on these settings.

3. Click Run

  • Click Run, select a format for your report.

Note: Preview will only show the report in HTML. Using the Run option provides the ability to see how the report would appear in other formats.

Note: The maximum number of pages that reports can have when run using a paginated format (PDF, RTF, and PowerPoint 2007) is 200 pages.

Note: In order for reports that use a currency symbol other than the dollar ($) to display correctly when exported in CSV format and opened in Microsoft Excel, save the file locally. Then, use the import data from text feature in Microsoft Excel and select "65001 : Unicode (UTF‑8)" encoding.

3.1. View Report

  • View the report.


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