How do I create a sub-report?

On the Type tab of the Report Wizard, you select the view that will serve as the foundation of your report. When a view name contains two data types, such as Projects/Users, this indicates that there are two levels of reporting data. The second data type can be viewed as a sub-report to the first one. For example, with the Projects/Users view selected, your final report will display users for a list of projects. You will see a row for Project X followed by the users of Project X, then a row for Project Y followed by the users of Project Y. This article describes how to create a sub-report.

1. Select Type

  • On the Report Wizard Type tab, select a Category, then select a Type that contains two data types.

2. Select Display as a Sub-Report

  • On the Report Wizard Group/Sort tab, select the Display user/group columns as a sub-report check box.

3. Preview Report

  • Click Preview to preview the report with sub-reports.


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