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How do I use the bulk edit feature for multiple projects?

The bulk edit feature of PowerSteering allows you to update multiple items at once in Project Central. The items you are updating could be individual lines of a project task, or a set of tags associated with multiple projects. This feature is an incredible time saver when you have tags associated with a list of projects that need to be changed. Dependent tags and custom fields cannot be edited using the bulk edit feature. This article describes how to use the bulk edit feature in Project Central to update a multiple projects at one time.

1. Click Projects

Click Projects
  • On the Icon Bar click the Projects button, select Work Tree.

2. Select Work Tree Location

Select Work Tree Location
  1. Navigate to the location where you want to do a bulk edit of projects.
  2. Click on the Work Tree location that you want to use for the bulk edit.

3. View Summary Page

  • View the Summary page for the organization you have selected. In this example we opened an organization called Sales that has several projects under it. We are going to use Project Central to bulk edit a tag associated with these projects.

4. Click Projects

Click Projects
  1. On the Icon Bar click the Projects button, click Project Central to expand the menu.
  2. Click to select a layout for Project Central.

5. Click Columns

Click Columns
  • Click Columns, select the check box for the column name for the data you want to bulk edit. In this example we are adding a tag called "Alignment" to edit.

6. Select Lines to Edit

  • Select the check boxes next to the project names you want to edit. You can also select the check box at the top of the list to select all items then select the individual lines you want to select or clear.

7. Click Actions

Click Actions
  1. Click Actions, select Bulk Edit.
  2. Click Apply.

8. Select Bulk Edit Work Field

  1. Click to select the field that you want to edit. In this example we are updating the value for the tag Alignment.
  2. Click Done.

9. Click Update

Click Update
  • Click Update.

10. View Changes

View Changes
  1. View changes on the Project Central page before deciding to save. You can click directly into the field and change any values that you don't want to update from the bulk edit. The black triangle in the upper left corner indicates an unsaved change.
  2. Click Save.

11. View Updated Projects

View Updated Projects
  • View the updated information for your projects.


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