How do you assign resources in the Team Panel?

The Team Panel is the section of Project Central that displays the allocation and availability of users in hours or percent. It is displayed when you select Resource list on the Display menu. To assign resources we will be using the drop-down menus that appear as small arrows on the page at the end of a cell. These are contextual drop-down menus that change depending on where you are within PowerSteering.  This article describes how to use the Team Panel to assign resources to specific tasks.

1. Locate Task

  • Locate the task you want to assign in the Team Panel.

2. Click Task Menu

Click Task Menu
  • Click the task drop-down menu, select Re-assign.

3. View Assignment Options

  • View the resource selection dialog box. When possible PowerSteering will display the Best Matches for this assignment.

Search: Allows you to search for and select a specific user by first or last name.

Best Matches: Provides a list of resource names based on the duration of the task, the required role and location of the work item.  

By Qualifications: Allows you to perform a manual search using the following criteria - Role, Resource Pool, Need Resource, Cost Type and Skills.

4. Select Resource

Select Resource
  • Click the green plus sign to select the resource you want to assign to this task.

5. Click Save

  • Click Save.

6. View Assignment

  • View newly assigned resource.


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