How do I add a new document?

Documents can be local files on your computer or URLs and may be added to a project at any time. A document can be uploaded as a project level document or tied to a specific gate. This article describes how to add a document to a project.

1. Click Documents

Click Documents
  • On the Icon Bar, click the Project button, then click Documents.

 Note: Clicking the Project button on the Icon Bar will take you directly to the Summary page of the last work you visited.

2. Click Add New

Click Add New
  • Click Add New.

3. Select File or Enter URL

Select File or Enter URL
  • In the Add Documents dialog box, click Browse... to choose a file, or type in a URL location.

3.1. Enter Document Details (Optional)

Enter Document Details (Optional)
  1. In the Title field, type a title for your document. If a title is not entered, the file name will be used.
  2. In the Description field, type a brief description of the document.
  3. Enter or select additional information as needed.
  4. Click Add Document.
  5. Repeat Step 3 to add additional documents or URLs to the project.

Approval: If document approvals are enabled for your PowerSteering context, you will have the option to select an approval method. When an approval method is selected, the document can not be set to Completed until it has been approved by the selected user(s).

  • No approval: The document will not need any kind of approval.
  • Approval required: An approver will need to approve the document before it can be set to Completed.
  • Electronic Signature required: The approver will need to manually enter their username and password in order to approve the document. This electronic signature is retained in the document’s history for audit purposes. Note: A PowerSteering team member must enable Electronic Signature functionality on your site before this option will appear as an Approval option.

Approvers: If an approval method is selected, a required field called Approvers will be displayed. Select at least one user to serve as approver for the document.

PPT Image: If the document is an image file (.jpeg, .png, or .gif file formats), check this box if you want the image to be included in your PowerPoint project summary file. The PowerSteering Administrator must have the PowerPoint template configured to use images.

Display on summary page: If the document is an image file (.jpeg, .png, or .gif file formats), check this box if you want the image to appear in the Details section of the Project Summary page.

4. Click Done

Click Done
  • Click Done to upload all selected documents.

5. View Documents

View Documents
  • View newly uploaded documents.


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