How do I create a new status report?

If status reports are enabled for a work item, users can attach status reports to the work item or its descendants. Once added, details from the most recent status report appear on the work item’s summary page. Additionally, status report indicators can be added to the dashboard. Status reports can be configured as optional (unscheduled) or as required, in which case work item owners will receive automatic reminders to submit their status reports. Status report schedules will only apply to work items that have an active status. This article describes how to create a new status report.

Note: Status report periods are based on the timezone configured for your PowerSteering site rather than users' timezones.

1. Click Status Reports

Click Status Reports
  • On the Icon Bar click the Project button, then click Status Reports.

Note: Clicking the Project button on the Icon Bar will take you directly to the Summary page of the last work you visited.

2. Click Add New

Click Add New
  • Click Add New.

Note: Ensure that the project Status and % Complete have been updated prior to clicking Add New, as they cannot be edited in the status report.

3. Enter Status Report Information

Enter Status Report Information
  1. Select a range of dates for which the status report applies from the Report Period drop-down box. See the substep below for important information about this field.
  2. For gated projects, select Include gate statuses in the status report to include the status of gates.
  3. Enter or select additional information as needed.
  4. Click Submit Status Report.

3.1. Report Period

Report Period

Note: Once a status report is created for a specific time period, all status report periods before that one will be removed. For this reason, if you owe several status reports for a work item, you should create from oldest to most recent. If you create a status report for the most recent time period, all earlier reporting periods will be removed and you will be unable to submit status reports for those earlier periods.

4. View Status Report

View Status Report
  • View newly created status report.


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