What is the Inbox?

The Inbox can be used to view your current questions or notifications, the alerts you are signed up to receive, and the projects for which you owe a status report. This article describes the Inbox.

Click here to view a brief video tutorial about using the PowerSteering Inbox.

1. The Inbox

The Inbox is accessed by clicking the Inbox button on the Icon Bar. If you have unacknowledged items in your Inbox, a number will be displayed next to the Inbox button to show you how many items are waiting. If you have the Navigation Menu displayed, there will be a number indicating how many unacknowledged items there are for each tab.

2. The Questions / Notifications Tab

The Questions / Notifications tab of the Inbox displays items that directly impact you. This could be a requests for a gate approval, a reminder to complete certain tasks such as a status report or the notification of an assignment or delegation. When you receive a notification you must select the Mark as Read check box to dismiss the message as read. See the article How to access and manage Questions / Notifications? for more information.

3. The Alerts Tab

The Alerts tab of the Inbox displays messages about changes to work items in PowerSteering. You can opt to subscribe to alerts for a certain kind of activity such as a work item or budget change for a specific project or a parent organization. If requested, notifications for alerts can be sent to an outside mail service such as Outlook in addition to populating your PowerSteering Inbox. See the article How do I access and manage Alerts? for more information.

4. The Status Reports Due Tab

The Status Reports Due tab of the Inbox displays a list of projects for which you owe one or more status reports. From this page you can click Create to navigate to the Status Report page where you can complete and submit a status report. Or you can click Decline to dismiss the reminder and remove the message from your Inbox. See the article How do I access and manage Status Reports Due? for more information.


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